She’ll be Apples (and Android), says Toyota

Riley Riley

First Lexus and now Toyota is offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its vehicles.

In fact, the owners of some existing vehicles will be able to upgrade their cars too — for a cost.

Over the last month, Toyota has added CarPlay and Android Auto to Prius, Corolla hatch, Camry, and the all-new Granvia launched in October.

Existing owners of the all-new HiAce and RAV4 models will be able to upgrade their multimedia systems with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto free of charge from November 1.

Owners of latest generation Camry, Corolla hatch, and recently upgraded Prius will also be able to upgrade their multimedia system with the new technology at their local Toyota dealership for $199.

Toyota’s upgraded multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will also be standard on the all-new Corolla sedan and upgraded C-HR that are due on sale in Australia before the end of the year.

Toyota Australia’s Sean Hanley said the availability of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will offer customers the ability to access a number of apps on their mobile devices in a safe and convenient way.

Guess that’s the end of the road for Toyota Link?


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