Shape-shifting CT-1 designed to reduce congestion

Riley Riley

The pioneering, shape-shifting all-electric CT-1 represents the next chapter in sustainable urban mobility.

Or so claims its maker, the Israel-based City Transformer, whose goal is to develop innovative, foldable, smart electric vehicles for big international cities.

CT-1 as it happens is its first offering, a two-seat, four-wheeled, all-electric intelligent microcar, designed to dramatically reduce traffic chaos in metropolitan areas.

With the ability to change its width on the move, CT-1 offers commuters the opportunity to overcome the debilitating issues associated with congested inner-city life.

This includes dramatically minimising congestion, reducing harmful pollutants, lessening noise pollution and transforming parking availability across urban areas.

It represents a new era in mobility without sacrificing key core attributes such as safety, comfort and the fun-to-drive factor.

CT-1 is the world’s first all-electric mobility solution that can intelligently adapt its dimensions and handling to the individual needs of the driver and the driving environment.

The compact two-seater has been designed so that it can reduce its track width from 1400mm to 1000mm to allow it to manoeuvre into the smallest parking spaces across the urban environment.

This unique wheelbase transformation also takes place on the road in real time to outsmart traffic and congestion flow.

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City Transformer CT-1 . . . fat for performance, skinny for tight spaces.


CT-1’s underpinnings are based on City Transformer’s in-house developed and highly advanced modular skateboard architecture that ensures the foldable microcar is a perfect fit for inner city life.

In fact, studies have shown CT-1 drivers will be 10 times more likely to find parking spots in urban areas, thanks to its innovative, changing dimensions and overall compact package.

The optimal urban dimensions of the CT-1 will also ensure drivers spend less time behind the steering wheel and benefit from far cheaper everyday EV running costs.

The advanced architecture also ensures the CT-1 is an engaging drive that is fun and full of character.

Weighing just 590kg – including the battery pack which is 80 per cent smaller in mass compared with most other standard EV batteries on the market today – the CT-1 offers an outstanding 180km real-world zero-emissions driving range.

Charging takes 30 minutes from 10 to 80 per cent.

CT-1 measures 2500mm in length and has an optimised wheelbase of 1800mm.

At 1400mm in width (performance mode), CT-1 has a top speed of 90km/h; at 1000mm width (city mode), speed is capped at 45km/h.

Tests have shown that the all-electric microcar is much safer than scooters and e-bikes.

As such, the CT-1 combines the advantages of a motorcycle with those of a car to create a unique overall mobility solution, without the inherent design-related disadvantages of more traditional polluting vehicles that currently make up the urban mobility landscape.

As the CT-1 development program enters the crucial final prototype test and assessment stages, final specifications of the innovative microcar are still to be confirmed.

But as part of its original design objective, City Transformer’s engineering team will ensure the CT-1 has a hugely reduced number of parts, components and subsystems compared with conventional vehicles.

In terms of direct comparison, CT-1 cuts the number of parts needed from around 25,000 (ICE) and 8000 (EV) to just 1500 (CT-1).

This makes the CT-1 incredibly reliable, durable and easy to live with for city dwellers and workers alike.

It also dramatically reduces the need for maintenance.

Further increasing its adaptability for cities, CT-1 has been carefully developed to enable shared use.

It therefore will come as standard with intelligent sharing, fleet management, usage optimisation and personalisation functions that are accessible via an intuitive digital interface.

Designed to be activated via mobile apps, the CT-1 can be personalised and customised by customers via City Transformers’ own cloud-based sharing and management services, as well as being integrated into an existing fleet management infrastructure.

The CT-1 is scheduled to enter series production in 2024.

City Transformer is offering the EV at special Paris motor show price of just $19,400 Australian dollars.


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