ROV a real ‘gas’ off road

Riley Riley

ROV is a unique, hydrogen-powered concept vehicle designed to offer extreme off-road capability.

It reflects a commitment by Lexus to ensure exhilarating driving can co-exist with a carbon-free society.

Measuring 3120mm long, 1725mm wide and standing 1800mm high, ROV which stands for Recreational Off-highway Vehicle is designed to look good in all kinds of natural environments.

It’s based on Lexus “human-centred” philosophy, created as the kind of vehicle people would expect from a luxury carmaker — yet without losing the rugged performance of an off-roader.

The suspension cover, connected to the rear hydrogen fuel tank, protects functional parts as well as conveying a sense of durability inherited from Lexus SUVs.

The lightweight body and suspension are designed for both comfort and fun off-road driving.

Inside, based on the Tazuna concept, a simple meter instantly provides information the driver needs while allowing them to concentrate on driving.

The new concept showcases outstanding build quality, both inside and out with the luxury feel of Lexus craftsmanship — not seen  in an offroader before.

Luxury details include a leather steering wheel and a sculpted shift knob and seats which feature suspension elements that smooth out bumps.

The seats are upholstered in hard-wearing synthetic leather.

For demanding off-road driving, the first Lexus hydrogen internal combustion engine (ICE) meets stringent requirements for Quietness, Durability and Reliability.

It embodies the exciting sound of an ICE and the rush of torque that comes from the fast combustion speed of hydrogen, which Lexus believes is highly compatible with the ROV.

This hydrogen powered ROV concept is the result of Lexus’ desire to preserve true off-road pleasure in tomorrow’s low carbon society.

To power this off-road fun, the 1.0-litre hydrogen engine works just like a petrol engine, but with a high-pressure tank for compressed hydrogen which is delivered precisely by a direct hydrogen injector.

Importantly, it produces close to zero emissions, with a negligible amount of engine oil burned during driving.

With a lightweight body composed of a strong pipe frame and suspension that boasts a large amount of travel, the driver will enjoy the car’s natural movement and distinctive ‘Lexus Driving Signature’ with the ability to go anywhere they desire.

Head of Lexus Europe, Spiros Fotinos, said the ROV is a response to the growing passion for the outdoors and adventurous spirit of luxury consumers.

“As a concept, it fuses our desire to also develop lifestyle-oriented products with our ongoing research into new technologies that contribute to carbon neutrality,” he said.

“As well as delivering a concept that is thrilling to drive, it has near zero emissions thanks to its hydrogen powered engine.”


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