Resistance is futile: Android Auto comes to Lexus

Riley Riley

Not only does the new Lexus RX boast a touchscreen, it finally comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto like the rest of the world.

Toyota/Lexus has been a long-time hold out against installing the phone connectivity systems in its vehicles citing reasons of privacy and security.

Most of the larger brands already offer the technology, with the exception of Nissan.

But, like the saying goes, you can’t hold back time and the time has apparently come for Lexus.

Like Lexus, parent company Toyota will be adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to its cars starting with the new RAV4 later this year.

Although the updated SUV is currently on sale here, early models miss out on the technology.

It can be retrofitted, we’re told, but it’s probably a good reason to delay purchase.

The arrival of the latest RX marks the first application of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the Lexus range.

A new touch-display screen now joins the Lexus remote touch interface, enabling occupants to select the operation that best suits their preferences.

That’s right, the fiddly touchpad that has been almost universally panned by critics is still there. We’re not sure why it remains necessary, with a touchscreen available to perform the same function.

Watch this space.

Toyota Australia’s Sean Hanley said the introduction of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto would add further convenience and functionality to the already sophisticated multimedia system.

“We know that today’s customers want to be able to access their smartphone apps anywhere, anytime and these systems offer a safe and convenient means of doing that directly through the advanced in-vehicle multimedia system,” Mr Hanley said.

There’s been no changes in the RX go fast department, with a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a 3.5-litre petrol V6 and a self-charging hybrid 3.5-litre V6.

Lexus engineers have instead focused on expanding driving pleasure with changes to the suspension and increased body rigidity, resulting in more agile handling.

The new RX, available with five or seven seats, will arrive in Australia during the fourth quarter of 2019.



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