Rare race-bred RX-7 up for grabs

Riley Riley

Mazda’s third generation RX-7 sports car is often referred to as the Batmobile because of its curvaceous body and big rear wing.

A special high-performance version was introduced in Australia in 1995, named the RX-7 SP — designed to homogolate the car for motor racing.

It was developed by Mazda motorsport boss, the canny Alan Horsley for the Australian GT Production Car Series and Eastern Creek 12 Hour production car race.

One of these rare homogolation specials is up for grabs at Shannons next auction in Sydney on August 26.

An initial run of 25 cars were constructed, and later an extra 10 were built by Mazda due to demand.

The SP for the record pumped out 204kW of power and 357Nm of torque — some say more.

Other changes included a race-developed carbon fibre nose and rear spoiler, carbon fibre 120-litre fuel tank, 4.3:1 final drive ratio, and 17-inch wheels along with larger brake rotors and calipers.

A more efficient intercooler, a new exhaust, and modified ECU were also fitted.

Importantly, an effort was also made to reduce the weight of the car, from 1250 to 1218kg enabling it to keep pace with the Porsche Carrera RS Club Sport.

Horsley’s plan paid off because the the RX-7 SP won the 1995 Eastern Creek 12 Hour, giving Mazda the winning trophy for a fourth straight year.

The car also scored a podium finish in the Targa Tasmania. 

Shannons says the example offered for sale comes in “barn find” condition from long-term storage.

It’s expected to sell with ‘no reserve’ in the $40,000 – $60,000 range.

Although it is showing some wear and tear, the odometer reads just 111,130km and retains all the hard-to-replace items — such as original Kevlar BBS 17-inch wheels, carbon airbox, carbon fuel tank original and Recaro seats which have been recovered.

Examples of the RX-7 Sp rarely become available on the open market thanks to the extremely low build numbers.

This is a great opportunity to get your hands on one at a reasonable price, which with a little work could easily be returned to its original condition. 

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