Pre-loved: Toyota Fortuner 2015-2022

2015 Toyota Fortuner Crusade 1
2015 Toyota Fortuner Crusade


Toyota Fortuner is a seven-seat SUV that’s based on the Toyota Hilux pickup truck.

While it shares many of its body-on-chassis underpinnings and mechanical components, the Fortuner has a multi-link rear coil suspension, unlike the Hilux which is setup as a working vehicle. 

It has a bold front appearance with large foglight surrounds and a tall bonnet.

The body kicks up at rear and carries slim rear windows.

There are numerous combinations of seating and cargo carrying.

The middle row seats can side backward and forward and the backrest folds down.

The third-row seats fold up to the side of the cargo area. 

The front pair of seats are reasonable comfortable though they don’t provide what you would call sporty side support.

There are air conditioning vents to all three rows.

Australian engineers worked in close conjunction with Japanese engineers on the design of the coil-spring suspension is used in the Fortuner. 

On sealed roads the Fortuner is quieter than you would expect in a pickup based wagon.

Some sealed roads that have seen better days may create a rather jiggly ride at times.

On the other hand, new Fortuner rides nicely on smooth to moderate sealed roads. 

Off-road, the ride quality on corrugations and over rough n’ ready surfaces is good for a modified pickup though not quite to the standards of dedicated SUVs.

Obviously there have to be a lot of compromises in 4WD on-road/off-road suspensions.

Owners who done long distance family trips in the great Aussie outback tell us they’re delighted with their Fortuners. 

The Toyota Fortuner is powered by a four-cylinder 2.8-litre turbo-diesel that produces 130kW of power; and 450Nm of torque, that’s when it sits on front of a six-speed automatic — torque is reduced to 420Nm with the six-speed manual. 

The six-speed rev-matching manual is fitted to the top-line Fortuner Crusade model to give it a touch of class.

The commercial vehicle roots of this engine are displayed by the fact that maximum power is generated at just 3400 rpm.

Similarly, peak torque sits at 1600 to 2400 rpm with the auto, and 1400 to 2600 rpm with the manual.

As a serious 4WD the Fortuner has a two-speed transfer case.

Shifts between 2H and 4H can be done on the fly at speeds up to 100km/h.

The manual can tow up to 3000 kilograms, the auto’s capacity is slightly lower at 2800kg.

Seven airbags are standard, with the curtain airbags covering the third-row seats.

Fortuner has achieved a five-star ANCAP rating.

An Australian-designed bullbar has been produced to work with the airbags during a collision.

Toyota is king of the 4WD market in Australia and offers a huge range of vehicles.

Fortuner is something out of the ordinary and has inevitable compromises.

Make a list of what’s important to you in a SUV and if the Fortuner ticks enough boxes go for it.

A 2020 upgrade brought  improved equipment levels including an upgraded infotainment system with an 8.0-inch colour infotainment screen and voice commands as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality when a smartphone is plugged in via USB. 

A new instrument cluster brought a more upmarket design and is punctuated by a 4.2-inch multi-information display that adds front-tyre angle and DPF statuses.

2017 Toyota Fortuner Crusade 2
2017 Toyota Fortuner



Look at the service books to make sure the work has been done on time every time, ideally by a Toyota dealer.

These old-style diesels may have particular filter problems. This can mean loss of performance.

Check the service books to see if the filter has been replaced.

Do an initial walk around to get a general indication of the life a Fortuner has led.

In particular for scars or damage to the lower corners, the door sills and scratches on all side panels.

Get down on your knees, or better still up from underneath a hoist for signs of contact with hard parts of Australia.

Has a towbar been fitted? If so, a Fortuner may have pulled some big loads on rough unsealed roads. Or just a small trailer to the local tip.

During your test drive do some hard acceleration and watch for oily smoke from the exhaust.

Get it off road and listen for squeaks and rattles which may mean it has been seriously fanged off-road.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Crusade 2
2021 Crusade



Expect to pay from $23,000 to $31,000 for a 2015 Toyota Fortuner GX; $28,000 to $37,000 for a 2016 GXL; $32,000 to $41,000 for a 2017 Crusade; $36,000 to $45,000 or a 2019 GXL; $39,000 to $51,000 for a 202 GXL Premium; and $46,000 to $61,000 for a 2022 Crusade. 

2021 Toyota Fortuner GX 1
2021 GX



Take a friend with you when shopping for a used car.

That way they can keep the chattering sales person at bay while you check out the car without interruptions.

Used car prices have generally increased during the period of new car stock shortages.

Start looking at adverts for used vehicles several months before you intend buying.

That way you can get a feel for the price being asked and whether they are rising and falling, as dealers need to clear stock due to overcrowding.

Keep an eye on adverts for new cars that say there are specials on particular models.

This can lead to a lot of traded-ins taking up too much space in yards and they will be discounted to get rid of them.

Keep an eye open for ads of unpopular cars, as there can vary greatly in price.

Owners struggling to find a buyers may be forced to grit their teeth and drop their asking price.

If checking a used car at a dealership look at other cars on the lot. 

This can provide an insight into the quality of the vehicles in which the dealer specialises.

If buying privately ask for proof of ownership and make sure the insurance covers you for taking a test drive.

Take a slow walk around any car you’re considering, looking for obvious defects.

It amuses us how many people dive into tiny details, only to discover later a major ding somewhere on the other side of the car.

Ideally any road test of a car you’re getting serious about should be done with the engine stone cold. Early morning is best.

If you’re serious about buying a vehicle, tell the seller you would like to take it for a good long test drive.

If they insist on coming that’s understandable, but try to avoid them “selling” the car to you.

Put bluntly, ask them to shut up,

In their later years, cars with a reputation for being long lived and trouble free sometimes attract buyers who have no intention of ever servicing them.

The next owner may suffer as a result.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Crusade 1
2021 Crusade



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