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Porsche ‘Taycan’ charge of business

Riley Riley

Porsche’s all-electric Taycan will come with three years free charging in the United States.

This follows an agreement with Electrify America that will provide access to its public charge stations across the country.

In addition, US dealers will install their own fast-charge points and Porsche will also offer home charging technology.

Porsche says these three options combined will deliver a comprehensive power network for the Taycan when it launches late this year.

Electrify America highway and metro stations, and many Porsche dealers, will offer DC fast charging at rates up to 350 kilowatts.

Using 800 volt technology and the combined charging system (CCS) plug, the Taycan will be able to add more than 100km of range in four minutes.

Porsche claims it’s the fastest EV charging available in today’s automotive market.

“Every Porsche is a sports car with soul, and the Taycan is soul electrified,” US President and CEO, Klaus Zellmer, said.

“Together, Electrify America and our Porsche dealer network will provide a national infrastructure for DC fast charging that frees future Taycan owners from range anxiety. And Porsche home charging technology will turn the customer’s garage into the equivalent of a personal gas station.”

Taycan buyers will receive three years of unlimited 30-minute charging at Electrify America locations, comprised of more than 300 highway stations in 42 states as well as more than 180 sites in 17 metro areas.

Each location will have an average of five charging points, with some having as many as 10.

The Electrify America highway stations will have a minimum of two 350 kW chargers per site, with additional chargers delivering up to 150kW.

The highway stations will be spaced along multiple routes and no more than 200km apart.

Nationally, the distance between highway stations will average 113km.

Charging dispensers at metro locations will be able to charge at speeds up to 150 kW.

The first phase of Electrify America’s nationwide ultra-fast charging network will feature 484 locations with more than 2000 charging dispensers installed or under construction by July 1, ahead of the Taycan’s arrival in late 2019.

The company’s second phase of charger installations is expected to deploy hundreds of additional charging sites beginning July 2019.

All 191 US dealerships will install DC fast charging, with more than 120 featuring Porsche Turbo Charging, which is the automaker’s own DC system that delivers up to 320 kW and also uses the CCS plug.

The remaining dealerships will install 50 kW fast chargers.

Together, the total investment by Porsche dealers in charging infrastructure will be about US $70 million.

The first Porsche Turbo Chargers are already installed at the Porsche Experience Center (PEC) in Atlanta and more are planned for the PEC Los Angeles.

Most cars spend 95 percent of their time parked at home or at work, so new charging options for the Taycan will include a Porsche-designed home system.

Details of the system and installation options will follow soon.

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