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2023 Peugeot E 3008 7

Peugeot amps up wow power

Riley Riley

Wow. Peugeot has transformed the mid-sized 3008 into an electric coupe and it’s ready to knock your sock off.

The E-3008 stands out with fastback SUV styling, with a dynamic shape that is as aerodynamic as it is stunning.

It is the first model to use the new Stellantis STLA Medium platform.

The innovative platform has been designed to offer best-in-class performance, targeting customer demands such as range (up to 700km) and recharge time (down to 30 minutes).

It’s also designed to provide performance, driving pleasure, efficiency and connected services, with functions such as Trip Planner, Smart charging, Vehicle to load and Over The Air updates.  

Designed from the outset as an electric model, the new E-3008 will be manufactured in both hybrid and electric form, with a range of three zero-emission all-electric powertrains.

This new generation of permanent magnet synchronous motors offers more power and greater efficiency. 

Two-wheel drive versions deliver 157kW or 170kW of power, with 343Nm of torque for both.

A Dual Motor four-wheel drive version delivers a total of 240kW, with 157kW/343Nm at front and 83kW/166Nm at the rear. 

With a 73kWh battery both two-wheel drive models deliver a range of up to 525km (waiting for WLTP approval).

Equipped with the same 73kWh battery, the Dual Motor, four-wheel drive version is also good for 525km.

The icing on the cake is a long range two-wheel drive version with a larger 98kWh battery that bumps this figure to an impressive 700km.

The charging socket is located on the left rear wing and offers Mode 2/3 (alternating current) and Mode 4 (direct current) connections.

For AC charging, two types of on-board charger are available, with an 11kW three-phase charger as standard and a 22kW three-phase charger as an option.

For DC recharging, via superchargers, the Mode 4 socket on the new E-3008 accepts a power rating up to 160kW, enabling the E-3008’s standard range battery to be recharged from 20-80 per cent in 30 minutes — and less than 30 minutes for the Long-Range version.

Peugeot Australia’s Kate Gillis confirmed the new E-3008 will be coming to Australia.

“Combined with the local introduction of the E-208, e-Expert and 408 PHEV in 2024, there is no doubt that Peugeot’s future is electrifying,” she said.

Peugeot has “modernised” the traditional slope of the fastback line at the rear of the car with a “floating” spoiler.

This innovative feature enhances the curve of the new E-3008’s bodywork while optimising aerodynamics.

The generous rear section of the new E-3008 offers dynamic styling, underlined by the signature three-claw light (3D on GT versions), while maintaining a good amount of space in the second row and a boot volume 520 litres (whatever the version) — identical to that of the previous 3008.

Peugeot decided to combine two of the three fundamental elements of the i-Cockpit, the head-up display and the large central touch screen.

These are now integrated into a curved panoramic screen made up of a single 21-inch high-definition panel, which extends from the left-hand end of the dashboard to the centre console.

The central part of the dashboard houses i-Toggles, fully customisable touch-sensitive buttons that can be programmed to provide quick access to 10 of the user’s favourite functions: calling a favourite contact, starting navigation to a frequently used destination, tuning the radio to a favourite station, setting the ideal air conditioning temperature, etc.

Freeing up space, the gear selector has been relocated from the console to the right of the steering wheel, next to the car’s stop/start button.

This is ergonomic and allows easy access to the gearbox control and to stop or start the engine in a single intuitive gesture.

Semi-automatic lane change changes lane for the driver when required.

Peugeot Australia is working closely with Stellantis to review launch timings and specification for our market.


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