Parcel power — Benz delivers electric Vito

Riley Riley

eVito sounds like it could be a musical and for many it could well be music to their ears, but it’s actually an electric version of Mercedes-Benz’ Vito delivery van.

eVito comes in two flavours, Panel Van and the eVito Tourer, an eight-seat people mover.

Together with Renault’s Kangoo ZE, they are the only electric vans offered so far in the Australian market.

Benz says not only does the eVito Panel Van provide customers with the option to tangibly reduce running and maintenance costs, it also creates a powerful marketing tool to demonstrate their commitment to operating sustainably.

The eVito Tourer, meanwhile, is set to become the first all-electric eight-seat people mover to enter the Australian passenger and commercial vehicle market, creating a highly attractive and cost-effective option for a variety of commercial operators.

The eVito Tourer is expected to be joined later this year by the all-electric EQV, a luxurious seven-seat people mover designed from the ground up by Mercedes-EQ to serve the discerning needs of both families and luxury-focused business customers.

eVito Panel Van


With a 60 kW/h battery, eVito Panel Van priced from $89,353, is powered by a single an electric motor that produces 85kW of power and 360Nm of torque, with drive to the front wheels via a single-speed transmission.

Energy consumption is estimated at 27.36 kWh/100km, equating to an estimated driving range of up to 260km (WLTP).

Charging time from 0-100 per cent using an 11kW AC charger takes 6.5 hours; with an 80kW DC fast charger 10 to 80 per cent can take as little as 35 minutes.

DC is faster but AC is more cost-effective for overnight charging. Either way it uses the vehicle’s inbuilt Type 2 (CCS) charging system.

There’s five regenerative modes that recover energy during deceleration. DAuto mode uses a radar sensor to automatically adjust the level to the traffic situation.

The Panel Van can carry an 882kg payload, with a GVM of 3200kg and up to 6.0 cubic metres of cargo volume available.

Loading space that is 2398mm long, 1709mm wide (excluding wheel arches) and 1392 mm high.

The eVito Tourer, formerly called the Valente, is equipped with a more powerful electric motor that delivers 150kW and 365Nm.

With a larger 90kW/h battery and power consumption of 26.15 kWh/100km it’s good for up to 356km.

Charging using an AC charging takes 10 hours, or 45 minutes with a DC fast charger.

The Tourer is priced from $116,115.

Eight-seat eVito Tourer


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