Britain’s Donald McGill was famous or is that infamous for his saucy postcards.

He was nearly 80 years old when he was put on trial, found guilty and fined under the Obscene Publications’ Act in 1954.

The cards feature mainly attractive women, fat old ladies, drunken middle-aged men, honeymoon couples and vicars.

They’re collected and appreciated for his artistic skill, power of social observation and earthy sense of humour.

Even at the height of his fame he earned little more than three pounds for his designs, but these days original artwork can fetch thousands of pounds.

McGill died in 1962.

So, what’s all the fuss is about?

Donald McGill


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Old postcards worth their weight


We can't tell you much about this bloke because we don't know his name. He comes into the office after everyone else has gone home, so we never get to see or talk to him. The one thing we do know however is that he does have a sense of humour
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