Xs9NpDxd 2024 Hyundai Tucson 05
2024 Hyundai Tucson 05

New-look Tucson on the way

Riley Riley

A new-look Hyundai Tucson is on the way.

A more dynamic appearance is said to embody the company’s progressive vision for future mobility.

It’s the first update for the car since the launch of the fourth-generation Tucson in 2020.

Looks pretty much the same to us.

New-look Tucson is set to make its debut early next year and goes on sale here towards the middle of 2024  and will include a new fuel-saving hybrid version.

Hyundai describes the changes to the ‘Parametric Dynamics’ design language as more refined and compelling.

The front fascia features a bold interplay of thin, angular lines in the radiator grille, complemented by Parametric Jewel Hidden Lights.

The bumper and skid plates extend seamlessly from side to side, creating a dynamic and visually wider stance.

Redesigned alloy wheels further accentuate the car’s dynamism and enhance its overall proportions.

At the rear, the skid plates are integrated into the bumper moulding and enlarged horizontally, reinforcing the impression of a wider wheelbase.

The sleek, rigid form of the rear end seamlessly echoes the front, conveying a sense of stability and balance.

The interior of the new Tucson prioritises spaciousness and practicality, achieved through a horizontal design that creates a sense of openness.

The seamless integration of advanced technology elements ensures a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.

It’s two decades since Tucson entered an emerging SUV segment and has gone on to evolve into a global bestseller.

With its refined design, advanced technology and proven track record of success, new Tucson is also poised to continue its legacy as a global leader in the SUV segment.

Embodying Hyundai’s signature design philosophy of Sensuous Sportiness, Tucson stands as a visual masterpiece, boasting SUV charm and a progressive look that aligns perfectly with contemporary tastes.

Whether a long journey to visit the family or a scenic drive through the countryside – embarking on a family road trip calls for a car that seamlessly integrates into the rhythm of everyday life.

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