Learn how to get off (road)

Riley Riley

Few 4WD owners ever take their vehicle off road, but if you do then you need to know what you’re doing.

A mate took his brand new Holden Colorado off road and embarrassingly got stuck and had to call for help.

It cost him new carpet because he managed to flood the cabin on a water crossing.

Even experienced offroaders can get into trouble.

But all is not lost because a new outfit Driving Solutions is offering 4WD driver training in conjunction with ARDC at Sydney Motorsport Park (SMSP)

Until now the 4WD Driver Training Park which opened tearlier this year has been used only for corporate events.

The course will take participants through a variety of engaging and hands-on driving exercises designed to give drivers the knowledge, skills and confidence they need when taking their vehicle off-road.

The training will also help 4WD owners understand the myriad of off-road technologies in their vehicle, such as locking diff’s and hill descent control.

Director of Driving Solutions James Stewart said Australia has seen a huge increase in the sales of 4WD and SUV vehicles in the last few years, with vehicles like Hilux and Ranger topping the sales charts.

“With more 4WDs on the road than ever, it’s important drivers know both the capabilities and limitations of their vehicle,” he said.

“Our Defensive and Advanced Driver Training courses can be completed in a 4×4, however this new course lets drivers experience 4WD specific terrains and technologies and is a chance to practice off-roading in a safe environment before trying it in the real world.”

The first course kicks off on Sunday November 25 and will run regularly throughout 2019.

Bookings can be made here or you can book over the phone on 1300 183 700.

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