Kadjar confirmed for local lineup
Kadjar confirmed for local lineup
Kadjar has been confirmed for local lineup.

Kadjar confirmed for local lineup

Riley Riley

Renault has confirmed its mid-sized Kadjar is coming our way.

The Renault version of the Nissan Qashqai, the five-seater will slot between the small Captur and larger Koleos.

The car is reported to take its name from two words: Kad is inspired by quad to represent a go anywhere four wheeled vehicle, and Jar recalls the French words agile and jaillir respectively representing agility and suddenly emerging from somewhere.

Managing Director Renault Australia, Andrew Moore, said Kadjar will be joining the local lineup in the second half of next year.

Mr Moore said the stylish mid-sized SUV is a strong seller in Europe and along with our smaller Captur SUV and larger Koleos SUV product offerings will provide Renault with a genuine SUV line-up to appeal to a wide range of Australian customers.

“The Kadjar boasts sleek lines that flow in a sporty yet elegant European fashion and is well placed to take the challenge right up to the established Japanese and Korean competitors as a refined European SUV, with torquey turbo performance and an upmarket interior” he said.

“Our ambition for Renault Australia is to become a strong player in the SUV segment.  We’ve already seen success in the popular SUV space with our top-selling Koleos and Captur and our intention is that in the future we will have an SUV that perfectly matches the various lifestyles of all Australians.”

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