Jilted Jag back from the shrubbery

Riley Riley

Enzo Ferrari described the E-Type Jaguar as the most beautiful car ever made.

Long and sleek it is continually tops polls for its beauty, performance and competitive pricing.

It goes a long way to explaing why so much time and energry and of course money is spent keeping the car alive.

In the UK they’ve just finished restoring what is believed to be only the 10th ever E-type Series 1 4.2 to ever roll off the Jaguar production line.

This car was found buried in the shrubbery of a Gloucestershire estate, where it had sat exposed to the weather and rotting for more than three decades.

But, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and the car has just undergone a total nuts and bolts restoration at the workshops of specialists E-Type UK.

It was a mamoth undertaking because everything, apart from the original log book, running-gear and IRS, had to be sourced or hand-crafted.

While the team searched for a period-correct floor pan and front and rear bulkheads, the in-house body shop set about the panels, assembling them using a specialist body alignment jig.

The roof and tailgate also needed to be sourced, and carefully attached to a new set of specially fabricated inner and outer C post panels.

With the body shell and iconic 60’s lines and gaps perfected, this incredibly significant E-type was handed on to the paint team for a stunning coat of Opalescent Silver Grey.

To achieve the perfect finish the car was subjected to 60 hours of polishing — the only way to truly appreciate the quality of the new paint finish.

The interior has also been updated, with completely new electronics, dashboard, black leather seats, dials and pedal box – all sourced or hand-crafted by the in-house team.

As one might expect, most of the engine components were unusable, but some parts were salvaged in the hope of keeping as much of the car’s character as possible.

The original cam covers and cylinder head have been painstakingly machine-polished, certainly to a higher quality than the car left the Coventry factory some half a century ago.

The powertrain has also been fitted with an uprated stainless-steel sports exhaust with tubular manifolds, creating a beautiful 4.2-litre burble.

With the extent of work required to make this classic driveable once more, and the number of components needing replacement, it gave its new custodian the opportunity to upgrade certain aspects of the car to suit modern-day driving.

An upgraded fast road specification with high-lift cams, a balanced and lightened crank and a 5-speed gearbox make this 60’s icon a marvel for modern roads.

E-Type UK Founder, Marcus Holland said the company was incredibly proud and privileged to have been given the opportunity to complete a full restoration.

“This historic sportscar certainly came with its own unique challenges, bringing out the best from our in-house team through the extent and quality of the work required,” he said.

“We have seen and completed a number of ‘Bush-Find’ restorations, but this must be one of the most significant E-Type UK has ever undertaken.

“Learning of its wonderful history, and being able to restore another Jaguar classic to its former glory has been a pleasure.

“It is now back on Britain’s roads, upholding the incredible legacy of the E-type and ready to be enjoyed for the first time in over thirty years.” he said.

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