Infiniti’s breakthrough QX50

Riley Riley

Infiniti has pulled out all the stops for its new QX50, mid-sized SUV with its ground breaking variable compression engine.

The company claims the “breakthrough” design offers a compelling alternative to diesel and challenges the assumption that only hybrid and diesel powertrains can deliver high torque and efficiency.

A multi-link system continuously raises or lowers the reach or stroke of the pistons to transform the compression ratio.

High compression ratios deliver greater efficiency, while low ratios produce more power and torque.

The VC-Turbo offers any compression ratio between 8:1 (for performance) and 14:1 (for efficiency).

Infiniti claims the result is a best-in-class combination of four-cylinder power and torque, with 200kW of power and 380Nm of torque.

The QX50 delivers fuel economy of 10.5L/100km in front wheel drive and 10.9L/100km in all-wheel drive form.

That’s a 35 per cent improvement over the previous V6 and 30 per cent improvement in all-wheel drive form.

The engine is paired with a continuously-variable transmission (CVT), for seamless power delivery.

Its infinite number of gears perfectly matches the engine’s ability to transform.

“The QX50 is the most important vehicle we have ever launched, and it embodies everything the brand stands for – beautiful design, advanced technology and empowering performance,” Christian Meunier, INFINITI Global Division Vice President, said.

“As a premium, mid-size SUV, It’s the right vehicle at the right time in one of the world’s fastest growing segments.”

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