Honda’s hybrid hero hits the road

Riley Riley

Honda’s new 2019 NSX hybrid supercar is on the campaign trail, flying the flag as part of the local outfit’s 50th birthday celebrations.

Finished in a striking orange paint job, build #02008 was produced at Honda’s Performance Manufacturing Centre in Marysville, Ohio.

It will now be used to engage with customers and motoring enthusiasts at dealerships and special events around the country.

The 2019 NSX continues to be powered by the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD power unit consisting of a twin-turbo 3.5-litre mid-mounted V6 engine paired with a 9-speed dual clutch transmission (9DCT).

An electric Direct Drive Motor integrated with the engine and 9DCT supplements the engine with instantaneous electric torque to the front wheels.

Containing two additional electric motors, the front-mounted Twin Motor Unit (TMU) continuously varies torque to the left and right front wheels to enhance handling precision and cornering capabilities, elevating driver confidence and performance.

Maximum system output is 427kW of power and 646Nm of torque.

The Integrated Dynamics System in the NSX – with Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track modes – provides for a wider range of driving experiences than conventional supercars.

The NSX features an advanced, multi-material body and aluminium-intensive space frame with the world’s first application of aluminium ablation casting in the space frame structure, enabling ultra-high rigidity, compact packaging and outstanding collision safety performance.

Pricing for the 2019 NSX in Australia remains unchanged at a supercar $420,000.

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