1yJafuak Honda Motocompacto 5
Honda Motocompacto 5

Honda’s fun and foldable Motocompacto

Riley Riley

Put this Honda in the boot and you’re good to go.

The all-new Honda Motocompacto is foldable e-scooter that redefines affordable all-electric personal transportation with sleek and simple styling and innovative, ultra-compact foldable design.

With a 6.8Ah battery and charge time of 3.5 hours, it has a maximum speed of 25km/h and zero-emissions range of up to 20km.

It’s inspired by the 50cc two-stroke Honda Motocompo of the early 1980s.

It was the smallest scooter ever produced by Honda and folded into a rectangle for easy storage.

It in turn was inspired by the World War II British folding motorcycle called the Welbike which was designed to be used by paratroopers for transportation on the ground.

1942 1945 Excelsior Welbike
1942-1945 Excelsior Welbike used by paratroopers.
1985 Honda City wiith original Motocompo
1985 Honda City with original Motocompo.


Weighing 18.7kg, Motocompacto comes with a standard compact charger that can be stowed on-board.

It’s described as a fun and innovative facet of the larger Honda electrification strategy.

Perfect for getting around cityscapes or college campuses and for use as a first-mile/last-mile vehicle, the zero-emissions Motocompacto was designed and developed by Honda engineers in the US to provide riders with easy and fun-to-ride mobility that greatly reduces their carbon footprint while offering great convenience.

The foldable Motocompacto can be stored and carried in its own compact carrying case that makes it easy to take along in a vehicle, on public transportation, or store in tight places.

The launch of Motocompacto coincides with the introduction of the company’s first fully-electric SUVs, the Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX, both coming to market in early 2024.

Toward its global goal to achieve carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities by 2050, Honda will introduce 30 new EVs globally by 2030 with a global sales volume of 2 million units.

In North America, Honda has laid out an aggressive timeline of EV introductions leading to 2030 and ultimately to 100 per cent zero-emission automobile sales by 2040.

It starts with the beginning of sales next year of the Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX, co-developed with GM

Then  in 2025 a mid- to large-size EV model based on Honda’s original EV architecture will go on sale.

Motocompacto is available to buy in the United States at a recommended retail price of US $995.

For more information go to Motocompacto.honda.com


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