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Holden goes for broke with 7-year warranty

Riley Riley

Guess the latest sales figures can’t be too flattering for Holden.

At the end of August sales were down more than 11 per cent for the year and with the figures for September about to be released, Holden has just announced it will extend its standard warranty to 7 years or 175,000km for the rest of the year.

The offer extends to all Holdens purchased from now until December 31, 2017.

“There has simply never been a better time to buy a new Holden,” Holden’s sales director Michael Filazzola said.

“Usually car companies reduce prices towards the end of the year as part of a plate clearance,” he said.

“Holden already has exceptional prices right across the board. This 7-year warranty offer across Holden’s range provides further tangible value to customers.

“This offer will hopefully instil confidence in those considering purchasing a Holden, and highlights our ongoing commitment to customers.

Holden’s all-new medium-sized SUV, Equinox, which goes on sale from December 1, is also eligible for the 7-year warranty.

MY17 Commodores, which have previously been exempt from retail offers, are also included.

Of course Kia’s market-leading 7-year warranty applies all year round.

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Offer extends to soon to be released Equinox.

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