Hold onto your hats – it’s the AMG G 63

Riley Riley

The new Mercedes-Benz G Class would not be complete without a high performance version.

Enter stage left the the AMG G 63 with a 430kW 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 and a reputation to protect.

With 850Nm of torque the AMG G 63 can sprint from 0 to 100km/h in 4.5 seconds, but is still able to go off road with the best of them.

The basis for the wagon’s off road prowess is a torsionally rigid ladder-type frame of high-strength steel and a mounted body of composite construction.

Developers simulated the operating life of individual components and assemblies to determine where lighter materials could be used without compromising durability, operating life and quality.

The bodyshell consists of various grades of steel, with wings, bonnet and doors made of aluminium, but is still structurally 55 per cent stronger.

The reinterpretation of the unmistakable design creates strong highlights with the AMG-specific radiator grille, flared wheel arches, striking side pipes on the exhaust system and the up to 22-inch wheels.

Unlike the previous model the all-wheel drive system in this version is biased 40:60 to the rear, with three differential locks, an extremely fast-shifting 9-speed auto, double wishbone independent front suspension and adaptive adjustable damping.

The new, intelligent multiplate clutch behaves like an automatically controlled locking differential, giving more scope before having to engage the differential locks manually.

When the driver operates the switch for the centre differential lock, the multiplate clutch switches to a 100 per cent locking effect.

The locks at the front and rear axle differentials are differential locks with a dog clutch and a 100 per cent locking effect.

All the locks can be engaged individually while on the move, both in low and high range, firstly centre, then rear axle and finally front axle differential.

With stop-start and cylinder deactivation fuel consumption has been reduced to 13.2L/100km.

Hallmarks of the G 63 include the grab handle in front of the front passenger and the chrome-highlighted switches for the three differential locks.

The new Mercedes-AMG G 63 celebrates its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6.



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