High five a show of confidence

Riley Riley

Peer pressure. We’ve all felt it.

It’s the effect the group has on an individual, who is encouraged to tow the line and adopt the attitudes, values or behaviours of their peers so they conform to those of the influencing group.

One could be forgiven for thinking Mazda has just caved into peer pressure.

It’s just announced that it will be offering a five-year unlimited kilometre warranty on all of its cars from August 1.

Mazda has joined the growing list of brands who have extended their new car warranty beyond the perennial three-year/100,000 term that has dominated the Australian motoring landscape for decades.

Ford and Holden have also recently upped their warranties to five years in the face of diabolical sales since the demise of their homegrown product.

Toyota notably continues to offer a three-year term, but it can’t be long before it follows suit.

None however have dared match Kia’s industry leading seven-year warranty, introduced in 2014, that has catapulted the company this year into the ranks of the top 10 car brands in Australia.

Announcing the five-year warranty this week Mazda says the new warranty reflects its commitment to its customers and confidence in the quality of its product.

“The new warranty will give customers another reason to choose Mazda, bolstering confidence in our already solid reputation for quality, hard-wearing cars” Managing Director, Vinesh Bhindi, said.

The five-year warranty will be applied as standard to all Mazda vehicles purchased from August 1 2018. Mazda vehicles are also covered by the consumer guarantees in the Australian Consumer Law.

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