GM eBike
GM eBike

Help GM name its nameless eBike

Riley Riley

GM is looking for a name for its new eBike.

The company has taken the wraps off two innovative, integrated and connected eBikes, one folding and the other compact – at this stage without a brand.

Since committing to an all-electric future, GM says it is developing revolutionary, flexible electrification technologies that will enable its team to dream beyond the traditional vehicle and give customers the freedom of movement that they seek.

It’s asking enthusiasts from around the globe to help name the new eBike brand using

The challenge participant responsible for the name selected will receive $10,000 while nine runners-up will each receive $1000.

“As an avid cyclist and urban commuter, I know how great it feels to get where I’m going easily and to show up sweat-free,” Director of General Motors Urban Mobility Solutions, Hannah Parish, said.

“We blended electrification engineering know-how, design talents and automotive-grade testing with great minds from the bike industry to create our eBikes. Now we want to expand our thinking beyond the company walls and hear from people who like to move and have rad ideas.”

Customers have until November 26 to submit their ideas at

It’s looking for:

  • Simple, smart and bold concepts capable of bringing the eBike brand to life.
  • Fun ideas capable of being understood around the world.

GM plans to announce the winners in early 2019.

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