Got the bacon? Bugatti has the eggs!

A NEW Bugatti costs from $1.9 million for the Veyron up to $12 million for a La Voiture Noire, the hottest of the six models on the market.

That’s in US dollars. 

In Australian folding money it translates to $2.9 and $18.2 million, respectively.

So, once you’ve decided which one you’d like to spend your bacon on, you’d surely want to acquire a Bugatti egg as well — would you not?

This egg, or oeuf in French, is a rather special thing, and has nothing in common with the chocolate varieties found in supermarkets around Easter.

Nay, the inedible oeuf is for your display cabinet and is a limited-edition collection of precious metal objet eggs, the result of a collaboration between the renowned carmaker and Asprey, an upmarket UK jewellery company.

It all came about because Carlo, Ettore Bugatti’s dad, once said an egg was the purest perfect shape of nature, hence the Royale Edition of the Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection echoes not only old Carlo’s musings, but also Bugatti’s distinctive horseshoe grille which was designed by Ettore in honour of his father’s love of curved shapes.

A total of 111 eggs will ultimately be made. Most will be black, but the final 12 will be diamond and imperial jade versions, offered in several shades with other custom options available. 

The Royale Edition gets a carbon-fibre shell encased in a sterling silver lattice studded with diamonds.

The surface of the egg is then studded with tiny dancing elephants, inspired by the mascot of the luxurious Bugatti Type 41 Royale, 

There’s also a hinged door, presumably only on top 12, so you can see what’s inside.

No yolk, but there is a scene of the Chateau St Jean, the iconic home of Bugatti in Molsheim, parked in front of which is a removable sterling silver stylised model Bugatti Type 41 Royale Esders.

The limited-edition collections are backed by blockchain and created by using Asprey Studio’s cutting-edge production techniques. 

The collection will be produced both as physical objet and whatever NFT generative artwork is. 

It will be the first collection by two luxury brands using a state-of-the-art technique of inscribing digital content on the Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring the artwork will last indefinitely, Asprey’s Ali Walker said.

“We are proud to present the Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection; not only does this push the boundaries on a production level, but the generative art coded by our strategic partner and Bitcoin experts Metagood using the equation of the egg shape of the actual sculpture as an NFT in Bitcoin is a new form of expression and art itself. 

“The NFT and the sculpture are linked by this equation.”

If you’re still with us, you’d probably want to know what the wundereggs cost?

Prices range from 20-50K US for the black jobbies and from 200K for the diamond and imperial jade versions.

You can pay in eth, (presumably ethereum) Bitcoin or real money and you’ll be happy to know each Bitcoin NFT comes with a physical egg.


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