IMG 6094
IMG 6094

Gold mining town steeped in history

I wonder if there were some great writers, poets, philosophers or suchlike at Gundaroo in the late 1800s and early 1900s?

Why else would there be a Literary Institute and Library at the quaint National Trust-classified colonial village in the Yass River valley, about 30 minutes from Canberra?

We stopped there for a bite on the Hyundai Kona launch and I was intrigued by the place.

Our lunch venue was the Cork Street Café where we had a fine meal in what used to be the old police horse stables.

Up the road a bit was Sally Paskin’s Store, which I imagine was the IGA of its era but is now just a little house -boarded up, with a rusty pushbike parked on its verandah.

The first settler there was in 1825 and it had 400 residents by  the 1840s.

A post office was built in 1848 and an Anglican church, now part of a pottery, in 1849.

Gold was discovered nearby in 1852, which probably explains why a police station was also built in the same year.

Like the gold it came and went.

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