Bo M electric scooter 5
Bo M electric scooter 5

Bo M the scooter with the mostest

Riley Riley

Bo M claims its new electric scooter will offer the smoothest and most stable ride of any vehicle in its class. 

It’s the work of of two engineers, one from Williams F1 Advanced Engineering and the other a Jaguar Land Rover designer.

Together they bring a fundamental understanding of vehicle dynamics and manufacturing, which has been uniquely applied to the Bo M — the first product in a transformative range of lightweight electric vehicles.

Following 24 months of development and engineering refinement, the Bo M enters production with a raft of technological features and advancements all designed to ensure every rider gets the maximum possible enjoyment from each journey.

These improvements include a 100 per cent increase in chassis strength and an increase in peak power output from 1000W to a category-leading 1200W.

There has also been further developments with the lighting system, with a maximum headlight power increased to 800 lumens, the addition of automatic temperature control, as well as signature start up and power off light animations.

Forged from high-strength aluminium, the chassis is revolutionary in the category.  

The intuitive, unbroken lines of the Monocurve chassis create the first unibody structure in this sector, designed to true automotive principles, seamlessly combining function with design.

The design allows for the steering to be separated from the chassis, forming a robust mounting point for the Lock and Load cargo solution while also providing a strong and stable platform for riders. 

The precision engineering approach is equally evident on the Bo M’s geometry, which is optimised for stability and ergonomics.

Technical features include a wider 580mm handlebar and generous 930mm wheelbase for more standing room and relaxed riding handling, with a 76 degree steering angle for naturally controlled dynamics.

A dynamic steering stabilisation system called Safesteer sets a benchmark for control and will inspire rider confidence.

The system is based on opposing force from a pair of bespoke wound torsion springs, housed within a unique mechanism that delivers predictable steering correction up to a 50 degree turn angle.

This system works to recreate the natural centering dynamic of a larger wheel and smooth the ride to give riders an exceptional experience every time.

The Airdeck elastomer footpad has been created from 11mm EVA anti-vibration foam based on the same material technology found in high performance running trainers.

It’s tuned to reduce road vibrations, removing the need for complex, heavy and largely ineffective suspension systems and increasing the riders comfort on longer rides by isolating the feet from any vibrations that result from the road surface.  

Showcasing a blend of performance and elegance, the powertrain features a high torque motor, providing a peak power output of 1200W and a top speed of up to 35 km/h, with a battery capacity of 655Wh delivering a range of 50km.

It features a powerful, low maintenance braking system, with a regenerative e-brake located in the rear wheel, controlled by the left brake lever, adding energy back into the battery under braking and a front sealed drum brake controlled by the right brake lever.

The two brake levers give the rider highly intuitive control over which brake to use and when, depending on the situation and the desired feel.  

Bo M is the first in a series of models, with more details to be announced in coming months.

First pre-order deliveries are due to start from November, with further units available from February 2024.

For further information and to reserve the Bo M, visit to find out more.


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