Kia Stinger GTS gets all-wheel drive

Four-paw grip for GTS Stinger

Riley Riley

Kia has dropped the curtain on a limited edition, all-wheel drive version of the Stinger in the United States.

Limited to just 800 units, the special edition Stinger GTS punches up its on-road prowess with a newly developed dynamic all-wheel drive system (D-AWD) that inspires more spirited driving.

With sport-inspired styling elements including genuine carbon fibre parts and a splashy new color that demands even more attention, the limited edition GTS is the one automotive enthusiasts will be lining up to drive.

Power from the twin turbo, 3.3-litre V6 remains the same at 272kW and 510Nm.

All wheel drive might add to the total weight to the car, but what you lose off the line, you’re going to pick up in corners with superior levels of grip.

Dubbed D-AWD, the system has been tweaked to close the gap in behavior between the AWD-equipped and RWD-equipped Stinger GT.

  • Mechanical limited slip rear differential is added to the D-AWD system, which is designed to enhance traction and distribute power more evenly between the rear wheels when slip is detected
  • Drive Mode Select amplifies rear-biased dynamics
    • Comfort mode sends 60 percent of power to the rear for feeling of stability
    • Sport mode sends 80 percent of power to the rear for more spirited driving
    • Drift mode sends up to 100 percent of power to the rear wheels and holds gears without upshifting
  • New Control Logic
    • Slip Control and Counter Steer Detection
    • Transmission Shift Pattern
    • Stability Control

Exterior enhancements include:

  • Exclusive “Federation” premium orange paint color
  • Genuine carbon fiber parts that outline the signature tiger nose grille, side mirror caps and side vents
  • GTS rear emblem
  • Center Stinger emblem replaces the Kia logo on the trunk lid for more custom appearance

Inside, the Stinger GTS adds more premium materials befitting of a true driver’s car.

  • Steering wheel and center console swathed in Alcantara
  • Headliner blanketed in premium suede-like Chamude
Kia Stinger GTS gets all-wheel drive

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