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Feisty Fiesta ready to party

Riley Riley

Ford’s feisty new ST Fiesta will become the fourth model to join the Australian Ford Performance lineup.

Due to arrive in the second quarter of 2019, it joins the Mustang, Focus RS and soon to be launched Ranger Raptor.

“There is a strong appetite and passion for the Fiesta ST in our line-up, and can see the affinity and esteem that Australians have with driving enjoyment of the existing model,” Ford Australia boss, Graeme Whickman, said.

“Fiesta ST shows the depth of enthusiast models that we’re bringing to Australia, with everything from this hot hatch through to the Ranger Raptor.”

The new Fiesta ST will be powered by not a four, but a three-cylinder turbocharged engine that’s hooked up to a 6-speed manual — there’s no auto.

The previous model earned plenty of accolades so this one has a big shoes to fill, especially with one less cylinder to call upon (and only two when cruising).

The new 1.0-litre three cylinder turbo delivers 147kW of power and 290Nm of torque , dispatching the dash from 0‑100km/h in an estimated 6.7 seconds.

In comparison, the current ST produces 134kW and 240Nm from its 1.6-litre four cylinder turbo.

A new combination of port fuel injection and direct fuel injection technology helps deliver high power and responsiveness alongside reduced CO2 emissions, with an increase in fuel efficiency under light engine loads – thanks to cylinder deactivation which turns into a two cylinder when cruising.

Ford’s new cylinder deactivation technology – a world first for a three-cylinder engine – takes just 14 milliseconds or 20 times faster than the blink of an eye to change between two and three cylinder mode seamlessly delivering full power.

The all-aluminium engine features an integrated exhaust manifold that improves efficiency by helping the engine reach optimal temperatures faster and delivers torque more rapidly by minimising the distance exhaust gases travel between cylinders and turbocharger.

The third generation Fiesta ST will be the first ever Ford Performance vehicle to be powered by a three-cylinder engine.

It will also be the first ST to feature drive modes, enabling changes to engine, steering and stability controls, with Normal, Sport and Track settings for an optimised fun-to-drive experience on motorways or at track days.

The system also includes Electronic Sound Enhancement (ESE) technology to deliver an even more satisfying driving experience.

  • In Normal mode, engine mapping, traction control, electronic stability control (ESC), ESE, exhaust sound and electronic power assisted steering (EPAS) are configured to deliver natural responsiveness and a connected feel
  • In Sport mode, engine mapping and throttle pedal response are sharpened, and EPAS settings adjusted to deliver more feedback and finer control for fast road driving. The active noise control valve opens and ESE is adjusted to intensify the sporty exhaust note and engine noise within the cabin
  • In Track mode, all vehicle dynamics features are tuned for the fastest possible lap times, traction control is disabled and ESC interventions are set to wide-slip mode for hard circuit driving

Torque Vectoring Control is standard and helps to reduces understeer by applying brake force to the inside front wheel when cornering.

No word on pricing yet. So stay tuned.
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