Do you want anchovies with that car sir?

Riley Riley

You’ve got to love America. You can now order a pizza right from your car dash.

Chevrolet has added a Domino’s pizza app to the touchscreen of its cars.

Domino’s is the latest merchant added to Chevrolet Marketplace, the industry’s first in-vehicle commerce platform.

Within Marketplace, customers will be able to place a saved order or a recent order from their Domino’s Pizza Profile with a few taps on the screen.

With their preferences already set, customers can easily pick up the pizza in-store or have it delivered to their home.

Chevrolet Marketplace works independently of the drivers’ mobile device, making this the first embedded pizza-ordering option in vehicles today.

“We admire Chevy’s commitment to providing the technology that consumers want the most,” director of digital experience at Domino’s, Chris Roeser, said.

“Now, Marketplace will provide pizza lovers an easy way to order the pizza they love.”

Marketplace debuted in December 2017 as a free service in connected Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles and has steadily added new functionality over time.

Last spring, Chevrolet debuted the first embedded in-dash fuel payment capability.

Domino’s is the first pizza restaurant on the platform.

Marketplace is available on millions of eligible model year 2017 and newer Chevrolet vehicles.

To place pizza orders through Marketplace, users first need to set up a free Pizza Profile with Domino’s, either online or through their Domino’s mobile app.

The profile will include their preferred delivery address, preferred stores and payment method information, as well the chance to create and save their favorite order as an Easy Order.

Through Marketplace, users will link their Pizza Profile to their vehicle, allowing for simple ordering in the future.

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