Big slice of humble pie from Cook 

After describing England batsman Alastair Cook as “fragile” some people might think I should eat humble pie.

But I stand by my comments because Cook’s batting has been fragile and I wouldn’t waste my hard-earned money betting on England.

First, let’s take a look at his record.

Cook is a former English skipper who arrived in Australia with 11,629 runs to his name, having scored 243 against West Indies in August.

Alastair Cook

In the first test, with the Ashes on the line, he scored 2 and 7. The Poms lost.

They went into the second test in Adelaide 1-nil down, but with most experts saying the Adelaide pitch was most like English conditions – hopes were high.

Cook, the experienced batsman, made 31 & 16 – and the visitors lost again.

So, 2-nil down, they headed to Perth, needing to win or at least draw to keep the Ashes alive. Cook fell for 7 and 14 and, once again, the Poms capitulated and handed the Ashes back to Australia.

Then we move to Melbourne for the famous Boxing Day Test. The Ashes have been lost, Australia rest Mitch Starc, and Cook carries his bat in the first innings with an unbeaten 244.

Despite that great knock, the match is drawn.

The thing for me is that when the pressure was on and the Ashes were on the line, Cook failed. Flopped. Hardly troubled the scorers.

He spent more time in the dressing room than a teenager trying to fit two pair of jeans under her dress.

When England needed their most experienced batsman to stand up to the pace barrage of the Australians, Cook showed up missing.

Sure his 244 not out was a great knock, but England needed that effort a couple of weeks ago.

As to not wasting my hard earned money on the Poms. Despite outplaying the Aussies for the majority of the game, they didn’t put the foot to the throat.

They didn’t continue to put consistent pressure on the Australian batsmen, and seemed more concerned about saving runs that trying to take wickets.

The only thing that will prevent Australia from winning the ashes 4-0 will be the weather.

And remember, there’s no such thing as too much sport.

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