Charles in clover over Kona

Riley Riley

Hyundai’s very first Kona Electric has gone to a self-confessed ‘greenie’ from the Blue Mountains.

The semi-retired owner of a green power business, Charles Dalglish is an advocate of green power who lives off-the-grid.

He received the keys to his new $60,000 electric SUV at Sydney’s Ryde Hyundai dealership.

“Ever since I got wind of the Kona Electric two years ago I’ve just pushed and pushed and pushed. I’m very pleased,” Mr Dalglish said.

“The Hyundai is going to be tremendous – it’s got a 450km range.

“ll be in clover; it will be fantastic.”

Dalglish was drawn to the Kona Electric in preference to what he describes as “over-priced and inefficient” alternatives.

“There aren’t any other options,” he said.

“No affordable electric car can go from Sydney to Bathurst without having to stop or being on a tow truck.”

“I’ve built three electric cars, so I know a little bit about them and I’m much in admiration of the Hyundai being so efficient.”

His own battery-powered creations included a Lotus Clubman 7 and a small 4WD based on a mass-produced, conventionally powered vehicle.

A former car dealer and aircraft salesman, who has flown all over Australia, Mr Dalglish sold his motor business to pursue a passion for green power.

His solar business specialises in solar-powered, off-the-grid installations for weekenders and farmers.

He lives off-the-grid too and will charge his zero-emissions Kona Electric using green power from his home solar installation.

“I’m thrilled to be able to get the Kona Electric. It just makes so much sense,” he said.


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