Carlos toast after Versailles wedding

Riley Riley

Looks like disgraced Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance boss Carlos Ghosn is toast after allegations that Renault paid for his wedding.

And not just any wedding, but a big, glittering soiree with a Marie Antoinette theme at the famous Palace of Versailles, about 20km outside Paris.

The former Renault CEO has been residing in a Tokyo gaol since he was arrested by Japanese police in November over allegations of financial misconduct.

Ghosn, 64, is suspected of massively under reporting his income, by as much as 5 billion yen ($US 44 million) over a five year period — a criminal offence in Japan.

Now Renault, from which Ghosn resigned as CEO two weeks ago, claims in a statement a recent audit found a contribution of “50,000 euros, under a charitable donation agreement signed with the Château de Versailles, was allocated to Mr Ghosn’s personal benefit.”

Until now, most of the allegations of wrong doing have come from the other partners in the alliance, with Renault sticking by its embattled boss, weeks after after Nissan and Mitsubishi cut him loose.

Renault has not specified for what purpose the 50,000 euros was used.

But Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources, reports Ghosn might have put it toward a huge, 2016 party, which Town & Country Magazine wrote celebrated his marriage to second wife, Carole and her 50th birthday.

Bloomberg says the sum is the estimated cost of renting the premises under a contract signed by Ghosn that entitled the carmaker to hold corporate events at Versailles.

The information came from a source familiar with the incident, but who asked not to be named because the information is not public.

“Using the castle for his 2016 nuptials didn’t likely benefit the company,” the source said.

Town & Country magazine published a feature on the wedding in March, 2017.

In the story it said 120 guests attended a party at which drew inspiration from Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette, with actors dressed in 18th-century costume providing the entertainment.

Ghosn is being held without bail pending the outcome of an investigation.

carlos ghosn wedding
Carlos Ghosn and second wife Carole

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