Whistle blows for Carlos

NISSAN’S board will meet on Thursday to fire chairman Carlos Ghosn, who is reportedly under arrest in Japan over allegations of financial misconduct, the company’s chief executive officer said.

“I will call a board meeting to make a proposal to remove him from the position of chairmanship and approve it,” Hiroto Saikawa told Agence France Presse.

Saikawa said he had been informed that Ghosn and Nissan’s representative director Greg Kelly had been arrested.

“These two gentlemen are arrested this evening, that’s what I understand,” said Saikawa.

The Nissan CEO told journalists that Ghosn’s arrest and dismissal would not affect the Japanese carmaker’s relationship with Renault and Mitsubishi.

“The partnership among the three entities will not be affected by this event, rather we will closely work together with all the partners to contain any possible confusion,” Saikawa told AFP.

Saikawa also said too much power had been concentrated in one executive.

In a statement earlier on Monday, Nissan said it had begun investigating Ghosn and Kelly after receiving a whistleblower report and had uncovered misconduct going back several years.

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