Cardboard car a hit with kids

Riley Riley

Skoda has put together a cardboard car to celebrate the launch of its new Karoq.

The handmade ‘Kid Karoq’ has been designed as the perfect play area for those who aren’t quite old enough to enjoy the grown-up toys in the real life all-new compact SUV.

The life-size cardboard creation took 10 weeks and more than 600 hours to construct.

It’s the work of British design studio, Lazerian, and has been built to the exact scale of the real Karoq – 4.4 metres long and 1.6 metres tall.

Skoda drew inspiration for the cardboard version from a survey of 1000 kids aged 6 to 11, who told the company what features they’d like to see in their perfect car.

Inside, the Kid Karoq has everything they asked for – and the some.

A slide and ball pool takes pride of place, with more than 1500 balls – the exact number that fits into the real Karoq’s boot.

Other features include wi-fi, a film projector, play bean bags and a toy box.

There’s even a secret hidey-hole under the bonnet where kids can keep an eye on the outside world through cleverly disguised spy holes.



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