Bugatti with a big reputation

Riley Riley

Feast your eyes on the fastest Bugatti ever, full stop — the Chiron Super Sport 300+.

While not eactly the car that recently broke the 300mph barrier (490km/h), it’s very close, looks the same and only 30 of them will be offered.

The price? Deep breath — 3.5 million euros or about $5.6 million in Australian dollars.

Bugatti presented the new model to a select group of customers as the highlight of the celebrations to mark the 110th anniversary of the tradition-steeped company in Molsheim.

The Chiron Super Sport 300+ played a very special role among numerous historic Bugatti models and the current Bugatti hyper sports cars of modern times, such as the Divo, La Voiture Noire and the Centodieci.

With an output of 1176kW, the Chiron Super Sport 300+ lifts the performance of the Chiron by 75kW.

“After the incredible speed record of more than 300 miles per hour, which we were the first series manufacturer to achieve, we’re now offering our customers the Super Sport 300+ – a very special edition model and the fastest Bugatti ever,” President of Bugatti, Stephan Winkelmann, said.

“But the Chiron Super Sport 300+ is more than just the fastest series-production sports car in the world. It is a testimony to Bugatti’s technical refinement, masterly workmanship and enormous attention to detail.”

The Chiron Super Sport 300+ is visually distinct from the Chiron, with its extended and aerodynamically optimised body, designed for extremely high-speeds beyond 420 km/h.

The Air Curtains installed at the car’s front corners guide excess pressure developing at the front air inlets towards the sides of the hyper sports car.

At the same time, air outlets on the wheel arch and directly behind the front wheels dissipate excess pressure, creating a slight amount of negative lift at the front to reduce the drag.

Modifications are also very prominent at the rear.

The so-called Longtail allows the laminar flow to pass over the vehicle for longer to reduce aerodynamic stall by more than 40 percent.

Thanks to a modified exhaust tailpipe configuration, the diffuser in the centre of the rear end can almost generate a sufficient amount of negative lift by itself, meaning that the wing can consequently remain retracted in top speed mode.

As a result, drag at the rear has been improved even more, as negative lift generated by wings and spoilers would otherwise contribute to the drag.

The body is made of exposed, jet-black carbon fibre with racing stripes in Jet Orange.

The black engine cover is made of carbon, as is the windscreen wiper.

At the front the special model by the Bugatti “Macaron” logo is made of genuine silver and black enamel.

The extremely light magnesium wheels are finished in “Nocturne”, as are all trim parts.

Passengers are welcomed with the lettering ‘Super Sport 300 +’ in LED lighting at the door opening.

The interior is dominated by black carbon, leather and Alcantara in Beluga Black, complemented by colour highlights in Jet Orange.

On the carbon door sills, the exclusive lettering also radiates in this colour, as do the headrests, the knee support in the centre console and the fine double-stitched seams.

All interior trim parts on the other hand have a black anodised finish, while the rear-view mirror and centre line are painted in Beluga Black.

“With the Super Sport 300+ we pay homage not just to our glorious history with its numerous speed records, but also to the performance of the entire record-breaking team.

“They were the ones who tackled the challenge of driving over 300 miles per hour,” Winkelmanns said.

“For this reason, the Super Sport 300+ is more than just an edition. It is by far the fastest luxury hyper sports car in the world and a genuine Bugatti in every fibre of its being – uncompromisingly beautiful, fast, comfortable and exquisite.”

The Super Sport 300+ was showcased as the grand finale of the Grand Tour, a rally that takes in the most important stages in the life of Ettore Bugatti – from Milan via Monaco and Paris to Molsheim in Alsace.

The first vehicles of the limited edition model Super Sport 300+ are expected to be delivered to customers in mid-2021.

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