Brabham selling cars off the plan

ONE of the most famous names in in the top echelon of motorsport – Brabham – is heading back to the world circuits with an all-new supercar: the Brabham BT62.

Built by Brabham Automotive, recently launched by the late Sir Jack’s son and Le Mans winner David Brabham, the BT62 is a track-focused machine with a naturally-aspirated 5.4-litre V8 producing 522kW and have a dry weight of 972kg.

Stopping power will be via six-piston calipers with carbon-ceramic discs on all four wheels.

It will be able to produce an astounding 1200kg of downforce – that’s 200kg more than a McLaren Senna GTR – and only 70 of them will be built.

“The BT62 honours the legacy of the cars that have previously carried the iconic Brabham name,” David Brabham said when a teaser of the car was shown in the UK a day ago.

“The Brabham philosophy has always seen drivers extract every ounce of available performance from their cars and themselves.

“That same spirit lives strong within Brabham Automotive today.

“Unquestionably fast but about far more than outright speed, the Brabham BT62 is resolutely focused on uncompromising performance, handling and driver involvement.

“Born from a unique and historic racing pedigree, Brabham Automotive’s first car has been designed and engineered to demand more from the driver and reward the limited few who will rise to its challenge.”

Despite limiting a view of the BT62 to a tail-end shot showing a pair of long and thin T-shaped LED stoplights below an enormous carbon-fibre wing, Brabham Automotive is already taking orders, with first deliveries expected later this year.

Cost is about $1.8m and if you buy one, you’ll also get membership of a track-focused driver development program.

For the record, Brabham celebrates 70 years since three-time F1 world champion Sir Jack started his racing career in Australia.

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