Bolder BT-50 on a hiding to nothing

Riley Riley

It could be a case of too little too late, but Mazda is getting ready to launch a “bold” new look BT-50 utility.

As good as it is the bigger, badder bolder BT could find itself totally eclipsed by the supernova that’s soon to be Ford’s Raptor Ranger.

The two vehicles of course share the same platform and mechanicals although this time around the engineering and development was undertaken by Ford.

But the BT’s styling has always been a little out there compared to Raptor’s almost militaristic tough truck persona.

So far this year Mazda has sold 3407 BT-50s. Ford on the other hand has sold 10,868 Rangers – that’s a rate of about 3 to 1.

Mazda says the new BT50 will see some significant changes, especially up front where the curves give way to squarer, more conservative lines.

It’s the second and most comprehensive update since its launch in 2011, but it could take a little more than that to reel in the Ranger.

Lowering the car’s visual centre of gravity, the outer edges of the bumper have been squared off and bolder contrasting fog light surrounds have been added, along with a large trapezoidal lower air intake with a skid plate.

The smiley faced grille is replaced with glumer, stronger horizontal lines to straighten out the front of the car, giving the ute a wider and more solid bearing.

Designed and engineered locally, the new look Mazda BT-50 has been made specifically for Australia and is exclusive to the Australian market.

Mazda Australia partnered with EGR group, who have been instrumental in bringing Mazda’s vision to life.

Mazda boss Vinesh Bhindi said the refresh is an important step to take in a highly competitive segment.

“The utility segment is a huge priority in Australia and for Mazda; we’re always looking to improve and enhance our product offering, to remain competitive and appealing to our customers,” he said.

“This upgrade gives the BT-50 a stronger and tougher bearing, which we know Australians look for in a ute.”

The new BT-50 will also see a range of features and equipment added across grades, the details and price are being kept a closely guarded secret until closer to release.

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