Bentayga back seat best in world

Riley Riley

Meet the most sophisticated car seat in the world.

The new Airline Seat Specification of the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase (EWB) is the most advanced seat ever fitted to a car.

With 22-ways of adjustment, the world’s first auto climate sensing system and advanced postural adjustment technology offers the finest rear accommodation since the Mulsanne.

After a rear seat passenger selects their desired temperature from seven different levels, the auto climate seat senses passenger temperature and surface humidity with an accuracy of 0.1°C every 25 milliseconds.

The system can then determine whether to apply heat, ventilation or both simultaneously to keep the passenger at optimum thermal wellbeing.

The auto climate system uses existing seat heating technologies, but a new seat ventilation fan has been developed that can move approximately 80 per cent more air than the previous system.

Less power is consumed than the current seat climate system and in Auto Climate mode the overall power consumption of the complete system is circa 40 per cent less than being manually activated by the passenger.

Meanwhile, the postural adjustment system automatically makes micro adjustments to the passenger’s seating position and pressure points, using an algorithm developed in collaboration with a chiropractor.

The system can apply 177 individual pressure changes across six fully independent pressure zones over a three-hour period improving comfort and minimising fatigue throughout a journey.

By subtly changing the shape of the surfaces of the seat over time, no one area of the body endures pressure fatigue for an extended period – meaning the occupant is always comfortable.

Studies have shown that actively supporting body weight in a dynamic way relieves strain, which can prime mental stress and create lack of focus.

Natural supported postures have been shown to alleviate stress from tensed muscles.

With initial customer uptake of 50 per cent for the Airline Seat specification, the Bentayga EWB demonstrates a new benchmark in wellbeing features, providing the most comfortable experience possible for those travelling on extraordinary journeys.

Along with the systems to deliver Auto Climate and Postural Adjustment, the Airline Seat has an incredible suite of technology beneath its handcrafted leather surfaces.

An array of 12 silent electric motors deliver 22 ways of adjustment in the seat alone, along the user to shape the seat to suit their body shape and also to work or rest.

The motors are joined by three intelligent pneumatic valve electronic control units, and the combination of motors and valves is overseen by a master Seat Motion & Wellbeing ECU.

All you need now is a boarding pass.


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