Because them’s the breaks

Riley Riley

How much do you reckon this pool table retails for?

Ten, maybe 20 grand? Nope, the newest product from the Bugatti Lifestyle collection is a bit more than that.

In fact, it will set you back 250,000 euros — or $388,937.50 Aussie dollars to be precise (if our currency converter is to be trusted).

The Bugatti Pool Table is constructed of carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium, and made in partnership with carbon fibre designers and specialists, IXO.

An optional servo-driven system deploys a gyroscopic sensor to level the table, just in case you install it on board a yacht — not part of the price, mind.

Each leg of the table is able to move to compensate for the movement of a ship and the table remains perfectly level as a result.

The system adjusts in just 5 milliseconds, and the movement is completed in total silence with vibration-free adjustment.

The Bugatti Pool Table is made of the highest quality materials and even wears the famous Bugatti badge.

The carbon fibre finish represents the sporting nature of the French luxury marque, while the strong frame of the table is underpinned by machined aluminum and titanium.

The table is designed to meet the standards of a professional pool tournament.

A unique plate adorns each table, displaying the Bugatti logo and limited-edition number – just like every hyper sports car.

Just 30 0f the pool tables will be made, with five to be finished by IXO this year.

The sides of the drawers of the table are manufactured with CNC-machined, brushed and anodised aluminum, complete with the Bugatti logo.

Ball pockets made from stainless steel are lined with leather, with titanium screws and nuts to prevent corrosion from aluminum parts.

A range of official accessories are the perfect match for this sports equipment.

The wall cue support is finished in carbon fibre, with a 13.0-inch, hi-res touch screen to keep track of scores.

The carbon fibre cues feature anodised and CNC-machined aluminum ends, in the same design as the buttons of Bugatti cars.

A dimmable LED ceiling light is also made with carbon fibre, while other official branded accessories include a chalk box, finished in black with anodised aluminum, cleaning brush in black, a suitcase made in Bugatti leather to transport the set of Aramith Tournament Pro balls.

A USB key, presented also in a CNC-machined aluminium case, includes photos and videos of the construction of each table.

The box is lined with the same leather used in the construction of the table.

IXO General Manager, Pedro Sanchez, said when they started the project, they knew they had to come up with something different.

“At IXO, good is never enough. We strive for perfection and the goal of ultimate quality in every aspect, and that is a moving target,” he said.

“Whether it is beauty, luxury, elegance, exclusivity or durability, we make sure to raise the bar.

“All available time, emotion, knowledge and resources have been spent.

“Nothing has been spared – everything has been ventured and sacrificed – in order to create a being beyond imagination.

“I truly feel that our creations have soul. We have poured our hearts into them.”


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