Anyone for seconds? asks Ford

Riley Riley

Hold the presses.

You can now sign up to rent a Ford when you buy a Ford.

For a minimum $750 it means buyers can rent a new Mustang for a whole week.

The offer is a world first and available to buyers of the Ford Ranger and Escape in their first two years of ownership.

Long term Ford hopes to expand the offer to include every model in its lineup, although we can’t see too many people putting their hand up for a Transit van — but you never know.

The pilot program, called 2nd Car, is designed to give consumers a taste of how vehicle ownership and mobility may evolve in the future.

If it’s a success, it may be expanded to other markets around the world.  

To be eligible, customers must be a Private or Blue Business Fleet buyer purchasing a new or demonstrator vehicle.

The Mustang is the first vehicle to be offered through 2nd Car and can be rented for up to two weeks, with the caveat that drivers must be fully licensed and over 25 years of age.

“2nd Car not only offers new Ford buyers a great car ownership experience, it also offers access to a great sharing experience,” Program Manager, Christine Wagner, said.

“We believe this program offers excellent value and flexibility – another reason to join the Ford family.”  

When purchasing a new car, eligible buyers can sign up for 2nd Car membership at participating dealerships for an enrolment fee of $500 (including GST).

When booking their Mustang, customers will pay an additional fee which varies based on the vehicle they purchased, and length of the loan.

Mustang loan period Additional fee to book your Mustang (including GST, paid at time of booking)
Ranger owners Escape owners
One week $250 $375
Two weeks $500 $750

Program participants can book their 2nd Car via a dedicated website, just like booking a hotel room

The program offers an ‘aFordable’ way to experience other Fords, with family and friends able to drive the second vehicle for no extra cost, provided they meet the driver criteria.

“With 2nd Car, new Ford buyers can own one vehicle, but drive two,” Wagner said.

“Why not experience the thrill of the Mustang for a road trip or celebration?”

More information about Ford 2nd Car is available at

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