The ad where no one speaks, cars4start

In the States Ford has released the new Lincoln Navigator.

It’s the big, impressive SUV that is often seen on television, in black of course, being driven by the cops.

Brand ambassador actor Matthew McConaughey flies the flag for the new Navigator in the first of a series of television spots.

The funny thing is he doesn’t say a word.

When you’re McConaughey you probably don’t need to.

The piece was shot in the Pacific Northwest by noted cinematographer Wally Pfister, who also filmed the “That’s Continental” campaign, and produced by Hudson Rouge.

It opens with a distant shot of the Navigator driven by McConaughey, who pulls up to a railroad crossing and stops – although no train is in sight.

McConaughey starts smiling and drumming on the steering wheel – that’s it folks.

“Short-form art requires doing a lot in a very short amount of time,” Lincoln’s John Emmert said.

“That’s especially true if you want to convey something emotional, which is the core of our brand. Matthew can communicate so much, so fast, it’s amazing.”

Take a look.


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