A little electric fun from Aprilia

Riley Riley

Aprilia’s Electrica project is a vision of the two-wheel future for younger riders.

The company describes the project as a careful and competent look forward, offering new generations the guarantee of riding a motorbike — in any environment and without barriers.

The introduction of the 660 platform will meet the demands of the younger generation of motorbike riders, with a range of high performance, lightweight and fun motorcycles.

The Electrica project uses the vast know-how available from the Piaggio Group, of which Aprilia is a part.

The company has been working on electric propulsion since 1975, with a long line of vehicles over the years such as the MP3 Hybrid — the first hybrid scooter in the world.

It says the enormous possibilities introduced by digitalisation and networks are producing a radical change in lifestyle.

Because an increasing amount of activity can be performed remotely, commuting needs will also change.

But it adds moving around without barriers will remain a necessity, especially for the youngest people.

The motorbike is here to stay because the thrilling riding experience that only a bike can provide cannot be replaced or reproduced virtually.

Electrica is a new, lightweight, zero emissions bike with a fun and satisfying ride to provide maximum freedom and riding pleasure — even in cities of the future.

The look is unmistakably Aprilia, especially from the front where a modern interpretation of the triple headlight cluster stands out against the stark and clearly sporty lines.

Accessibility is guaranteed by compact dimensions and a low saddle height, as well as light weight and the placement of both brake controls on the handlebars — a choice that makes the transition from scooters easier.

The electric motor is positioned in the central area and powers a chain final drive.

A keyless system, LCD instrumentation and phonic wheels in the rims introduce the theme of technology aimed at practicality, as well as active electronic aids for a safe riding experience — an area where Aprilia has been a pioneer.


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