10-wheel desert dueller a mystery

This imposing desert vehicle was parked as a promotional item on the plaza at Dubai’s International Motor Show.

The towering 10-wheeled machine had elements of Jeep in its rear section, a power bulge on its vast bonnet and a grille reminiscent of a late 1940s Chevrolet truck.

What it had under its thick skin we don’t know, but it did have four spare wheels, a quartet of big air horns, a silver camel bonnet ornament and, amazingly, it appeared to be road licenced.

Dubai does have quite a few six-lane highways, but this 15m-long creation will probably occupy about three lanes all by itself.

Then again, the giant Chinese-made tyres suggest it might be more of a desert cruiser.

We asked the organisers for details of the monster machine, but nobody seemed to know much about its workings.

Still, a hard-to-ignore creation.

Overtake – if you dare.



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