Kia map updates: did you get yours?

Riley Riley

Since our story about the difficulty in getting map updates for the satellite navigation units in older Kia models, we have been inundated with questions.

For the record. Some owners are eligible for an update and it will cost nothing, others will have to pay around $250, while unlucky owners of 2012 and 2013 models will not be able to get an update.

If the car is within 24 months of its registration date it costs nothing. If your vehicle falls outside this period, you can still get an update, but it will be at a charge – and you’re not restricted to a single update.

Owners of newer Kias with the new satellite navigation system have access to updates for the next 10 years. These are cars that have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

If you are unsure, check with Kia Australia. Have your vehicle rego and VIN number handy.

To check what map you have:

  1. Enter the navigation software
  2. At the menu select “More…”
  3. Select the “Help” option, in the bottom right
  4. Select “About”
  5. Select “More”
  6. Select “Content”
  7. Select the down button to until you see “Maps” and select it
  8. The field with Australia will tell you the version of map data currently installed in the unit

Our 2016 Sportage just had its 30K service and it cost us nothing for the update, although you can see from reading our stories that it didn’t go smoothly.

Prior to the update we were on Q3 2014. After the unit was successfully updated the map now shows Q3 2016.

The original Kia Mapcare offer which was removed from their website at the beginning of last year states:

“In an Australian first, Kia will also offer a free map update at the 12 and 24-month anniversary of purchase ensuring Kia owners always have the latest information available.
Simply book-in for your scheduled service at an authorised Kia service centre to receive your complimentary map updates.
Kia service centre will supply your first map update 12 months after the initial vehicle purchase date.
The second map update will be available the same way at the 24 month anniversary of purchase. Terms and conditions apply.”

Kia Australia
Phone: 131KIA (131542)


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  1. I contacted KIA via there kia-navigation portal, but they only allow firmware and map updates for recent models only as far back as 2019! WTF!?

    SO as a 2013 customer, I cannot even find the last firmware version to reflash the unit as the nav system has an error, so I want to re-install it. But no……

    I thought KIA were a good manufacturer untill they just threw the older owners in the bin without any access to any past fireware to fix there units. Instead wanting us to pay pay pay instead.

    Wont be buying another KIA again. Sorry.

  2. Hi,

    “Owners of newer Kias with the new satellite navigation system have access to updates for the next 10 years. These are cars that have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.”

    My 2018 Sorento has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, I took it for it’s 24 month service (I bought it second hand 6 months ago) and was told that it would cost $300 to update the maps as it’s on the old (TomTom) system.

    I contacted Kia with my VIN and they told me that I need to update myself via USB and sent me to mapnsoft.com. Although that site only works for the US it seems.

    Does it make sense that they can’t update it for free from the service centre?

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