Remember this “catchy” gem from the early 80s.

This was about the time Random Breath Testing (RBT) was introduced nationally.

The Federal Government endorsed the introduction of the breathalyser (blow in the bag please driver) after figures showed that alcohol-related road deaths cost the community $100 million in 1980-81.

At least a third of adults killed in road accidents had significant blood-alcohol levels which contributed to the accidents.

Something had to change and it did, although some people still get caught drink-driving.

With the introduction of RBT, the number of fatals involving alcohol was reduced to 16 per cent by 2013.


Catchy in a .05 or under arrest sort of way


We can't tell you much about this bloke because we don't know his name. He comes into the office after everyone else has gone home, so we never get to see or talk to him. The one thing we do know however is that he does have a sense of humour
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