You’re looking at the future of trucks

Riley Riley

You’re looking at the future of trucks.

Hyundai has released first images of how its new truck with a fuel cell powertrain will look.

Set for launch in 2019, the fuel cell rig boasts distinctive design which sets it apart from other Hyundai commercial vehicle line-up.

Hyundai says the design is clean and simple as well as being aerodynamically efficient with a spoiler and side protector.

The front grille symbolizss hydrogen through geometric shapes, giving the vehicle a unique and powerful look.

The fuel cell truck emanates an eco-friendly look with an iconic blue color application and a bold side body graphic on the container, which visualises its dynamic character.

At the Hanover truck show this year, Hyundai will announce future plans for introducing the fuel cell electric truck in the European eco-friendly commercial vehicle market next year as well revealing vehicle specification.

Hyundai also recently completed South Korea’s first domestic highway journey with an autonomously navigated semi-trailer truck.

Hyundai’s Xcient truck drove approximately 40km on the highway between Uiwang and Incheon, carrying large semi-trailer simulating cargo transportation, showcasing Hyundai’s innovative technological advancement in future mobility.

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