Trident design prototype.

Trident concept starts new chapter

Riley Riley

Revealed at the London Design Museum, this Trident design prototype previews the new middleweight roadster to come.

The prototype is the culmination of a four-year development program led by Triumph’s dedicated team.

Conceived and developed by the Hinckley design team, with styling input from Rodolfo Frascoli, the brief focused on delivering a distinctive, dynamic and attractive new take on Triumph style and attitude.

A passionate Triumph fan, he has brought Italian design flair to the Triumph design language — most notably with the latest generation Tiger 900.

The team focused on evolving what a contemporary Triumph should be, building on its character and distinctive original style to deliver a complete motorcycle for the perfect ride.

The design integrates the original design development model with prototype components, built to showcase the style and attitude of the landmark new motorcycle to come.

Introducing an all new contemporary take on Triumph style and attitude, the Trident design presents a pure, minimalistic form, with clean lines and uncluttered features that incorporates Triumph’s design DNA, with signature tank knee indents and key cues from the iconic Speed Triple’s muscular poise.


The concept is built around a compact powerful Triumph triple engine, designed to bring all the advantages of a triple to the category for the first time — with a perfect balance of low down torque and top end power.

Rider ergonomics are crafted to bring all of Triumph’s handling expertise, to deliver an engaging, agile and dynamic ride, with an all-new chassis, combined with great rider accessibility, comfort and confidence inspiring feel, including a natural upright riding position.

The prototype also highlights another key objective, with the integration of modern digital technology that brings features which riders value and desire, in an elegant and easy to use way.

”The Trident design prototype marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Triumph, where the brief was all about fun, from the look to the ride,” says Triumph’s Steve Sargent.

“With its pure minimalist form, clean lines, Triumph design DNA and more than a hint of our Speed Triple’s muscular poise, this gives the first exciting glimpse at the full Trident story to come.

“Ultimately our aim was to bring a new take on character and style, alongside the accessible easy handling and quality Triumph is known for – at a price that’s really competitive.”

Established in 1902, Triumph is the largest British motorcycle manufacturer with around 650 dealers across the world.

It builds around 60,000 bikes per year, best known of which is probably the Triumph Bonneville, named in celebration of Triumph’s 1956 land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA.


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