Toot to celebrate the Holden ute

A few weeks ago the Holden coupe utility, the original Holden ute, designation 50-2106 — celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Oh, you were not aware if this? 

I’m not surprised.

Automotive milestones are not something that tend to be celebrated in Australia these days.

Maybe it is because they remind us, and politicians especially, of what we once had and what we have lost — a vibrant car industry.

Ford may have “invented” the ute, but it was Holden that offered it in a package that was just the right size — and just the right price.

Based on the 48-215 sedan, the 50-2106 utility offered a robust and reasonably powerful workhorse for those on the land, for those plying a trade in cities and towns and for the military too.

It is one of those cars which was built in Australia and helped build Australia.

I did raise a glass of cold ale on January 1, 2021, to acknowledge the anniversary this Australian automotive milestone.

You will never see the like of it again.

David Burrell is the editor of Retroautos.com.au


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