Race to end all races

Riley Riley

The 20th anniversary of the Goodwood Revival will play host to what is billed as the most expensive car race ever held.

Thirty pre-1963 GT cars, with a combined value of up to $350 million will assemble on the Goodwood Motor Circuit for the Kinrara Trophy on the evening of Friday, September 7.

Once the flag drops, they will race for 60 minutes — through sunset and into dusk.

A total of 15 races are scheduled over the weekend but the Kinrara Trophy is a favourite, with the field is restricted to closed-cockpit GT cars, with an engine size of 3.0 litres or more — of a type that raced before 1963.

There will be 10 Ferrari 250 GT SWBs on the grid, including the unique ‘Breadvan’, alongside a pair of GTOs, including a very rare 330 GTO.

They will compete against four Aston Martin DB4 GTs and a phalanx of Jaguar E-types, plus two AC Cobras and a Maserati 3500 GT.

In addition to being possibly the most valuable collection of cars ever raced together, the Kinrara Trophy is one of the most awe-inspiring spectacles in motorsport.

The sound of Ferrari V12s, Aston Martin and Jaguar straight-sixes, and Cobra V8s, combined with the sight of some of the 20 the century’s most stylish and iconic cars battling wheel-to-wheel into the dusk — is a sight to behold.

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A Ferrari 250 GTO exits the pits. Taken by Tim Brown for Goodwood

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