That’s the thing about being a politician

Pretty amazing isn’t it?  Barnaby Joyce, our beloved and internationally admired beetroot,  is sick of people talking to him about the same sex marriage, non-binding taxpayer funded opinion poll postal survey and LNP-internal-ruction-soothing mechanism.  

Well, Barnaby, you voted FOR this process.  Barnaby is a politician, he represents the people of an electorate, he’s a public figure, so he can’t really be that surprised that a decision he took is a topic of some debate and that some people want to express their views about it – even to him.  

Speaking of the marriage survey, I was reminded this morning that Lyle Shelton, the head honcho of the Australian Christian Lobby, once said if there was a vote in favour of same sex marriage, one of his biggest fears was that he’ be mistaken for a gay man.  

Which particular gay man he didn’t make clear.

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