Another amazing TV commercial, this time from TDK in the 1980s.

The advertisement for TDK audio cassettes, features model and dancer Sheree Da Costa.

She is married to dancer David Atkins and is the sister-in-law of Daryl Sommers.

Once upon a time people spent a lot of time and money transferring their records to cassette so they could be played in the car.

I still have many vinyl records that have only ever been played once when they were transferred to cassette.

Many of those tapes – the term Super Avilyn comes to mind – came from TDK (by the box full).

Since 1997 TDK has gradually withdrawn from the production of compact cassettes.

The SA (“Super Avilyn”) and D (“Dynamic”) lines were withdrawn in 2012 under Imation ownership.

Loved the ad and I admit to having the hots for Daryl’s sister-in-law – as I suspect many blokes did.




TDK does amazing things


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