Stunning Indian Chief claims bike title

Riley Riley

A stunning customised Indian Chief long-fork chopper has taken out the finals of the European Biker Build-Off in Germany.

Built by Bike-Farm, Purple Haze received almost three times as many votes as its rival the Stegemann Harley-Davidson to take out the title.

First held in 2007 and the highlight of the famous Custombike show, the European Biker Build-Off sees two teams compete to complete their custom bike in just three days — live under the eyes of visitors.

This year’s title fight was even more exciting as both finalists come from the region, just 30km from each other — Bike-Farm from Melle and Reibchen and Stegemann from Bielefeld.

Creation of the two extraordinary custom bikes could be followed live on stage, from Friday to Sunday, with judging taking place at 1pm on Sunday.

At 529 to 179 votes, Bike-Farm’s ‘Purple Haze’ Indian Chief chopper emerged the clear winner.

Not only has ‘Purple Haze’ been completely designed around the current air-cooled Thunderstroke 116 engine, it retains all the electronic amenities of the original Chief Dark Horse from which it evolved — from ABS to GPS navigation, controlled from the touchscreen now centered in the revised fuel tank.

Other core components have also been adapted from the original bike such as the footrests and brake systems.

The frame, with a full 48 degree rake, was manufactured by the Dutch experts VG Motorcycle Specials.

Sheet metal parts such as the tank cover with integrated gauge and GPS transmitter to the fender were created in-house just like the sissy bar, seat, wheels, handlebars, final drive, intake and exhaust system.

That goes for the seal-less, oil-free fork with its teflon-lubricated sliding tubes incorporating progressive suspension cartridges.

Finally, Lange Metallveredelung took care of the chrome surfaces, while Vossi Lackcenter Melle traditionally handled the finishing of the paint.

“The entire bike was created within just eight weeks,” workshop manager Tristan Frische said.

“With four men, we wrenched, shaped and turned day and night.

“All the more we are delighted with this title.

“Not only have all the electronic features been retained, but also the fully road legal, including remaining Euro 5.

“So, this dream bike will soon be seen quite regularly on public roads.”

In case anyone feels inspired to build their own Long-fork Chief Chopper: the VG frame is available for order at Indian Motorcycle Melle — the Indian Chief itself from any Indian motorcycle dealer.

More information about Purple Haze and Bike Farm/Indian Motorcycle Melle can be found on


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